Hoss Tree Service 

Lot Clearing 

Lot clearing involves cutting down all vegetation and trees, the process is quite simple, we coordinate  with construction companies or county to provide blue prints. A survey for lot will also be necessary to determine where property line ends.  

Aerial View of Forest

Tree Risk Assessment 

Hoss Tree Service, a professional tree service company can help determine the health of your trees. A tree risk assessment consists of an inspection of the whole tree from tree roots to tree canopy, some of things we look for is cracks ,signs of decay, and tree growth pattern.

Tree Removal 

Hoss Tree specializes in tree removals. With a crew trained to handle any situation. This includes crane removal, bucket truck removals and also trees with limited access where no equipment may be used, a good option for home owners with septic fields and wells.


Tree Trimming 

Tree Trimming helps trees grow healthy and strong. By trimming any deadwood and green shoots you encourage mature branches to grow. Trimming may also be needed to keep trees away from houses, power lines and even other trees. Or in some cases to keep our four-leg neighbors from intruding into our homes. 

24/7 Emergency Response Team  

Hoss Tree offers 24/7 emergency tree work. We guarantee to have someone on property within 2 hours from when call was placed. In some cases the job may not be able to be completed on the same day, but trees or limbs will be safely secure until work can be resumed. This usually happens when power companies need to secure site or if especial equipment is needed.  

Tree Cabling 

 Tree cabling is the the Installation of a high strength cables or ropes, between tree limbs , to limit movement or to provide supplemental support. 

Tree cabling in st charles, in batavia IL, Geneva IL, Sycamore IL , Elgin IL.

Stump Grinding 

Hoss Tree offers stump grinding price ranges from $70 to $400 per stump. We also offer stump grinding debris removal.

Girdling Root / Air spade


The Air-Spade is a tool that uses compressed air to excavate around root systems of trees without damaging the tree roots. This allows us to relieve compacted soils, and expose root systems that are girdling trees. An air spade tool is also used to remove unhealthy mulch mounds around young planted trees.


          Girdling Roots

As roots circle the trunk, they can slow and eventually cut off the flow of sap in the tree. Carbs produced by the leaves, through photosynthesis, are unable to move through the phloem to the roots. 

Poor planting, volcano mulch, and compacted soil, encourage the development of girdling roots at the base of the trunk.

Trees with girdling roots tend to decline over a 6-10 year period.

Sugar Maples ,lindens, pines American beech, oaks, poplars, and elms often develop girdling roots.

Air spading_ root collar excavations